Who is Rob Jemmett

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the 4th largest city in North America.  I studied computer science in college and worked for an international reinsurance company for over 30 years where I had the opportunity to travel throughout the world for business.

I was physically active, biking, running, curling, playing hockey but my greatest passion was golf.  However in 2011, these activities were brought to an abrupt halt when I injured my back playing hockey.  The injury required some surgery on my back which was a complete success, however it put an end to most of my sporting actives.  Then my wife bought me a DSLR camera which put me on a more creative path.

So for a while, I had the camera in "auto" mode and it took great quality pics, but it wasn't until I took some courses that I learned the technical basics of the camera and eventually fundamentals of composition and gained an understanding of the "artistic" side of a photograph and post-processing.

In my blog, I share a picture and where applicable, a technique I used to capture the pic.



With a camera, a neutral density (ND) filter, and a tripod, you can create a long exposure and achieve results of a waterfall that are unlike what your eye would see in real life.

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Landscapes are one of my favourite shots. With or without a tripod; day or night; wide angle lens or telephoto lens.

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People / Street Photos

Finding the right light and scene is a challenge for me as I learn this craft. Here are some of my favourite shots.

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