Share the Light

Share the light

From a technical perspective, the camera  records light that hits the film or sensor and in the absence of light, there is no photograph.   PicsByRob is my way to "Share the Light" through my photographs. 

I hope you enjoy my pictures and and if you are interested in any picture, or just want to provide feedback,  please contact me at the links below.

About Rob

 I was born in Toronto Canada and have lived there my whole life.  Until 2019, I worked for a global insurance company for 33 years where I became a Certified Insurance Professional and led a team of Information Technology professionals in my role as a Vice President and Chief Information Officer with projects throughout Canada, U.S., Latin America, Australia and Germany.  Working for an international company, gave me the opportunity to travel and meet people and know cultures throughout many countries.

I know what you are thinking.....an IT specialist for an insurance company - this doesn't exactly scream "creativity", so you probably will not be surprised that I haven't always been artistic.   My wife and daughter are both very creative and artistic, and they both have given me great inspiration.  Picking up photography as a hobby was very challenging thing for me.  There are technical aspects of the camera that were relatively easy to understand, but understanding what makes a good photograph is still sometimes a challenge for me, but I continue to learn and grow in this field.  

I hope to take interesting pictures and "share the light" captured by the camera.


My portfolio



With a camera, tripod, ND filter and the right settings to have a long exposure, you can get results of a waterfall that are unlike what your eye would see in real life.



Landscapes are one of my favourite shots.  With or without a tripod, day or night, wide angle lens or telephoto. Landscape photos are useful to learn the camera settings. 

Street Photography


Finding the right light and scene is a challenge for me as I learn this craft.  Here are some of my favourite shots.



Occasionally I run into some great wildlife while I'm on a hike looking for great landscapes or waterfalls.  Here are some of my favorites.

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Contact me and let me know your thoughts.  I'm trying to improve, so I'm always willing to listen to the good, the bad and the ugly feedback.

Pics By Rob

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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